I’m so happy to fish in Cyprus!

It is good to have blog in arsenal where you can share emotions with readers!!! Today I want to share my happiness with you my dear readers! I visited Cyprus on 2 of December and second part of the day spent in the sea with a rod. I still had some work to do, but I also wanted to visit some places in the sea with a boat. Me and friend of mine Nicolas spent time from 14 till 20… it was a little bit cold but fishing form me is very new and very interesting that I can spend here hole day! We spend so much time because it was good biting! Even in cold Cyprus fishing is not stopping and I’m happy of it! To fish in Cyprus gives me great opportunity to relax, to think about other things. Family, work I love it so much but fishing gives me opportunity to relax… to think about something else. And it gives adrenaline also!
Just wanted to express emotions!! Yeah!!


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Lake trout fishing in Cyprus

Here we go!
Weekends are finished and they were spent with good results. I decided to visit one of the Cyprus lake for trout fishing and caught 9 average trouts and one big trout.

Trout is cold water fish and likes cold lakes and cold places in that lakes. If you know that you will know where to find that fish. Cyprus is warm country but there are some places where you can find trout. Yes, Cyprus fishing is not limited by bass fishing or carp fishing. There a lots of trout in lakes.

There are thoughts that fly fishing is ideal for trout in Cyprus but it is not truth… Cyprus lakes are not compatible with fly fishing. If you want to achieve good results you have to find good red warm and good tackles for your rod. That is the key!

Actually I will not tell you the places in Cyprus for trout fishing because that places are loosing their fishes. A lot of people come and fish for trout and they take small exemplars like 100 gr. It prefer to take fish after 700gr.

So good luck at fishing!!

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Cyprus fishing companies and websites

We wais so much time in searching of fishing companies or fishing shops to buy equipment. Here I summarized information I have about shops and websites. Hope that it will be useful for you.

First that you should to know it is:
Head Office of Department of Fisheries and Marine Research (DFMR)
Phone:+357 22 807 868 / 22 783 032

The Cyprus Association of Free Spearfishing
Phone: +357 22 591 202

Fishing & Boat Equipment
Phone: (+357) 25 331299, Mob.:99 427011

Out of the Blue
Charter boat trips
Phone: +357 – 96670299
Email: info@charterfishingcyprus.com

Tuna Fishing in Cyprus
Phone: +357 23722442.
Email: the.scuba.base@cytanet.com.cy

Some tackle shops in Cyprus

Big game fishing
Phone:+357 23722442

Phone:+357 22430101

I know one good blog about Cyprus fishing

Here are that resources that you can use to find out about Cyprus fishing.


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Welcome to my first blog!

Hi my friends!

I’m completelly new to blogging and I don’t know what to click and what to do! But if I know how to use rod, so to use wordpress will not cause any problem! 🙂

There I’m going to post fishing reports from Cyprus! I’m visiting Cyprus every weekend, and sometimes I go fishing to catch and release fish. Fishing is my hobby and I can’t imagine weekends with out fishing.

Hope that readers like fishing too 🙂

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